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The following terms and conditions are governing the use of the website www.africamiamor.com and reinforces the agreement that operates between Africa Mi Amor, S.L.U. and you. They set out the rights and obligations of all users (“You”, “Your”) and those of Africa Mi Amor, S.L.U. (“Us”, “Our”, “Vendor”) in relation to the goods and services provided via the above-mentioned website. By using this website or placing an order through it, You are consenting to be bound by these Terms and our Privacy Statement.

By accessing this website, you agree to the Terms and conditions described in this document.

Any new tool or function that might be added later to this website will be subjected to the present Terms and conditions. We reserve the right to update, change or replace any of the clauses of these Terms and conditions, without being obliged to personally inform you about this. Therefore, it falls within your responsibility to check any new updates or changes to the Terms and conditions, since your last use of this website.


The website and the products that it represents is run by Africa Mi Amor, S.L.U., duly registered with VAT B-09735010.


The constant and continuous use of the present website involves your total agreement to the Terms and conditions hereby explained. For that, you agree that:

  • You are at least 18 years old and are legally capable of fulfilling any legally binding contracts.
  • The placement of an order is conscientiously made by you after reading the present Terms and conditions.
  • You can submit enquiries to clarify any doubt throughout the enabled channels on this website, particularly the email address orders@africamiamor.com
  • You will make no false, fraudulent or speculative order. Should we detect and reasonably prove that this is so, in that case, we will be entitled to cancel the order and inform the regulatory bodies.
  • You acknowledge that all the personal information submitted via the enabled channels in the present website are totally correct and you agree that we can use them in order to contact You in case of necessity (see our Privacy Policy). The lack of complete and accurate information might lead to Our impossibility to correctly complete Your order.

By accessing the present website you understand that its content might be transferred without encryption through various media, except for the information of the card you will be using for placing orders, which We guarantee is permanently encrypted during its use, to protect your safety and integrity.

As a user of this website, You guarantee that you will not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell or exploit any of the products, and that you will not encourage any other user to do that, without Our prior written consent.


The information on the present website has a mere informative and descriptive character. The celebration of a contract between You and Us will only be considered after your order has been accepted by Us. Should an order be subjected to refusal by Us, and the funds have been already taken from your account, these will be immediately and fully refunded.

In order to place an order, You accept to follow Our online shopping process (for more information on the purchase process, please check Clause “Purchases and Payments”). 


We inform you that we have done our best to recreate as exactly as possible the colors, textures and materials of the products represented and sold via the present website. However, You acknowledge that we cannot be made responsible for any possible difference in the visualization of the products, caused by the technical features of Your device. 

We also inform you that the descriptions of the products and the prices are subjected to constant changes based on Our business needs as well as industry requirements, without prior notice. 

We inform you that some of our products might be available only in limited quantities, which ensues in Our later or limited supply and delivery in the case of You placing an order. They might also be subjected to change according to our return policy. In the event of a stock limitation, we reserve the right to inform you about possible substitutes of an equal quality and value.

The products available for sale on the present website are manufactured in Spain and are subjected to the limitations of the corresponding industry in terms of raw materials and quality of final product. 

The products on the present website are subjected to Our decision to deliver worldwide upon request. We inform you that we reserve the right to expand or reduce the coverage of the delivery according to Our business needs and the national and international economic context at the time of Your placing of an order.


The products available on the present website are quoted according to Our purchasing prices and are subject to changes according to the ongoing economic context, without prior notice. Therefore, history in price changes cannot be used as an argument for bargaining. Discounts will be accepted by Us during the special publicized periods or according to the Vendor´s marketing policies.

In case of an error in the price of an ordered product, we will notify you via any of the means you submitted to Us and ask for your reconfirmation of the order or its cancellation.

The prices of the products on the present website include VAT of 21%. We also guarantee free shipping and returns on all orders, as specified in clause “Returns and exchanges”.

We fully commit to respecting the price for an order under delivery, even if the product price suffers a sudden change compatible in time with the delivery of the order.

Description of the purchase process

The purchase process is done through the corresponding web functionality, that you will easily recognize under the Shopping cart icon. To do an online purchase, the necessary steps are: Choose a product > Add to Cart > Go to Checkout > Add contact / delivery details > Add payment details > Complete order > Receive email confirmation.

Payment methods available

With a view to facilitate Your shopping experience, we incorporate the Stripe technology that ensures a wide array of debit and credit cards. 

Payment security 

In order to protect your data, we use an encryption method for any online payment. 

Payment data accuracy

It falls under Your total responsibility to provide us with accurate and correct data payment information. In case we detect any possible intent of fraud, we will immediately inform the competent regulatory bodies.

Account data accuracy 

Through the present agreement, you compromise to provide us with accurate, correct and up-to-date account information (personal data such as email, delivery address, phone number), absolutely necessary in order for the Vendor to satisfactorily complete the service.


Apart from the prohibitions already established in the present Terms and conditions, it is prohibited to use this website and its content (a) for any illegal purpose; (b) to infringe any international or national or local regulation; (c) to infringe our intellectual property rights; (d) insult, damage or libel on reasons of gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, disability, age; (e) send false or misleading information; (f) send any virus that can interfere or damage with the correct functioning of the present website; (g) track or recopile third parties personal information to do spam, phising.


Through our Form available on the present website, You can freely and at your own will send us suggestions, opinions, ideas. By doing so, you acknowledge that we can publish, distribute or translate them on our own marketing channels, without necessarily informing you about this. 

We will endeavor to answer back to your suggestions, ideas, opinions, with the aim to offer you the best possible service, but We are not legally obliged to this.

The same applies in the event of diverse marketing actions that We can put in practice according to our own marketing policies.

By submitting to Us any content, You engage in not using any defamatory, intellectual property rights infringing or third parties rights violation information, opinions, suggestions or ideas. You are the only liable person for the comments you submit, and You are not to make them on behalf of any third party.


All trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in the content available on the present website shall pertain to the Vendor and its providers. Any infringement as specified under clause “Prohibited Activities” shall be evaluated and judged according to the governing law.


You will not be entitled to transmit, cede or transfer any of the rights and obligations derived from the present Terms and conditions without prior written permission from the Vendor.

Shall the Vendor be obliged to renounce a right to a concrete action, derived from the present Terms and conditions, this will not involve the renouncement to other rights.

The legal guarantee of the products displayed by the Vendor on the present website is the one established by the Real Decree 1/2007, from November 16, which approves the text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users.


Shall we use links from other websites, these will be provided exclusively for information purposes, and the Vendor holds no responsibility towards the content of such websites.


This website is run by Africa Mi Amor, S.L.U., as specified in clause 2. Identification.


The present Terms and conditions are valid unless You or We put an end to them. You may always terminate them at any moment by sending Us a notification mentioning that you no longer wish to continue to use our services.

If We believe that you have not accomplished the present Terms and conditions, we can also terminate this agreement from that point onward.

The responsibilities of the involved parties before the termination date will be valid at the termination of the present Terms and conditions.


We reserve the right to make modifications to the information on the present website. We also reserve the right to modify the conditions in our marketing and distribution policies, if we notice the need to adapt them to the local, national or international context.

Should an order be made prior to our changes/corrections, you will still benefit from the conditions that were sent to you in your Confirmation order.


The present Terms and conditions are governed by Spanish and European law. These are the Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Law (LSSICE), the Real Decree 1/2007, from November 16, which approves the text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD) and the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If any of the present Terms and conditions are to be determined as unlawful by the competent regulatory bodies, that precise provision will be excluded from the Terms and conditions.


Any dispute that might arise from the use of the present website shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Spanish courts.

If you reside in another European country, you are entitled to enjoy the protection offered by the law of your country of residence.

These Terms and conditions are the unique Agreement between You and Us, therefore, for any potential dispute we will abide only by the present document, and no prior oral or written agreement will be taken into account.


The submission of personal information through the present website is subjected to our Privacy Policy.


For any questions and comments about our Terms and conditions, as well as our privacy policies, please feel free to contact us at hello@africamiamor.com.