Founder‘s Letter

Hello my Real Queens and welcome!

I am Massita, a citizen of the world born in the beautiful Côte d’Ivoire in Africa.

From the age of 6, I have lived around the world (Africa, Latin America, Europe…) and now I am currently living in Madrid (Spain). In 2008, after graduating as an interior designer in Madrid, I decided to go and live in Paris…a dream come true! Yes, my Real Queens, do not dream your life but live your dreams! I lived in Paris for 5 years and I contributed to interior design firms working on high-end residential and hospitality projects all over the world. I also worked in the creative department of companies in the high-end fashion industries such as Ralph Lauren.

After Paris I moved to London where I also contributed to the interior design and fashion industries. I believe that my well-travelled life has been a great influence in my eclectic aesthetic. It has fed my passion for fashion, interior design, architecture, art, and even more travels.

In Spain in 2022, I founded Africa Mi Amor, or AMA. It is an inspiring tribute to the land of my birth, my beloved Africa and to the women of Africa. 2022 is also the year I turned 40. To celebrate this ruby jubilee, I wanted to create something meaningful through one of my passions: shoes and accessories.

AMA was also born from my shopping frustrations. I was tired of going shopping in search of quality shoes and accessories in the vibrant colours I love only to head home empty handed.

AMA, which also means love in Spanish, offers sophisticated, high quality, 100% leather shoes and accessories in our signature fun colours. And since comfort is a must for me, and you, I make sure to try on every style before sending them to production. These are the qualities you can be sure to find in every product of AMA you take home with you.

I truly believe every day is a reason to celebrate and there is no need to wait for “a special day” to add sparkle and colour to life.

I hope you enjoy every piece as much as I do!

I thank you wholeheartedly!