Product Care

Africa Mi Amor uses premium quality leather and materials. As beautiful as your AMA pieces are though, they do require a bit of extra care and love.

All leathers with use and exposure to light may alter in colour. This is not a fault and is seen as the natural ageing of beautiful premium leathers. Slight variations in appearance and finish are entirely normal for all natural leathers and materials.

All types of leather and other delicate materials (including metal accessories) suffer from humidity. Salt, humidity, and atmospheric agents in general can cause permanent and irreversible wear and tear. Therefore, please take care to avoid rain and direct contact with heat, oil, grease (make up), alcohol (perfume solvents) and other abrasive products as Africa Mi Amor cannot assume responsibility for the eventual deterioration, modification, and mishandling of the products. Avoid contact with any materials which may transfer their colour pigments onto the products.

Metallic leather is made by applying a layer of metallic foil over the underlying leather. When it scuffs, it will expose the leather underneath. Unlike most smooth leathers where scratches and marks can be covered with an appropriate polish, these leathers are sensitive to solvents and alcohol such as perfume which may remove the surface finishing from the leather. Avoid any excessive abrasion to the product which may damage the metallic finish.

To keep your products in good condition, the following general leather care is recommended:

  • Keep the leather area clean and dry using a dry soft cloth.
  • For the pieces that imitate the leopard/zebra skin, brush the area in a downward motion or the direction of the hair. If there are any dirt spots on the leather, we would recommend delicately cleaning the spot with a damp cotton chamois.
  • Always store your products away from light and heat.
  • Protect your products from rain and moisture.
  • Store your products in the AMA dust bag provided.
  • Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces.

AMA strongly recommends that our customers consult a professional in leather care or a shoemaker for specific care advice.